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Welcome to Montreal, the place where urban excitement meets historic charm. As a leading brokerage firm in this thriving region, we are here to help you realize your most ambitious real estate dreams. With our in-depth knowledge of the local market, we offer you unrivaled expertise, professional and caring service to find the perfect property that matches your unique lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a modern apartment with river views, a stylish townhouse in the heart of city life, or a luxurious residence in one of the city's desirable neighborhoods, we're here to guide you through every step of the selling or buying process. purchase of your property. Alexander Gomez, your REAL ESTATE BROKER, is making his sales debut in the entertainment industry. Negotiating different contracts, for several artists, he will work for MICHAEL JACKSON, CÉLINE DION and several others... Now he discovered his new passion: REAL ESTATE. He stands out within the RE/MAX Harmonie Inc. agency as well as across the RE/MAX Québec network by having received honors linked to his performances. HALL OF FAME MEMBER. He is dynamic, professional, experienced and focused on your results. It offers you excellent service. He will succeed in obtaining the best price for your business, multiplex, condo or your home. Its mandate is to make YOU the most satisfied customers of your real estate investment.
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1. Car pour chaque transaction, 100$ seront remis aux gens dans le besoin de votre part.

2. Fier d'être un employeur inclusif et positif en engageant des employés de toutes diversités et de leur permettre de s'accomplir au travail.

3. Fier de faire partie de RE/MAX Québec qui appuie Opération Enfant Soleil, en amassant des fonds pour venir en aide aux enfants malades de la province. C'est plus 22 millions de dollars pour soutenir le développement d'une pédiatrie de qualité pour tous les enfants du Québec.

Alexander Gomez courtier immobilier


Toutes nos félicitations M. Alexander Gomez pour votre intronisation, en 2018, au Temple de la renommée (Hall of Fame) RE/MAX au niveau INTERNATIONAL. Vos efforts soutenus et votre investissement personnel dans votre carrière de courtier immobilier vous ont permis d'obtenir des résultats dignes de mention.

Vos nouveaux clients en seront les premiers récompensés.

Alexander Gomez Temple de la renommée REMAX

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